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Are we seeing more frogs in Hampton Roads following Tropical Storm Isaias?

It's a question worth asking after 15 frogs were found in one person's pool filter in Virginia Beach.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Tropical Storm Isaias brought rain, winds, tornadoes, downed trees, and a whole lot of cleanup to our region last week.

But you may have noticed another thing it brought to your backyard: frogs and toads.

After seeing a picture of 15 dead frogs in one pool filter in the Red Mill section of Virginia Beach, we decided to call the experts at the Virginia Aquarium. Senior Curator Julie Levans said she is surprised to see so many in the pool picture, but she says it’s not uncommon to see more of the amphibians after a storm.

Levans believes it could be because of two things: flooding may have flushed the frogs out of their habitats, or the conditions were primed for mating.

Frogs need a place free of predators to breed and lay eggs, and temporary ponds and sitting water in your backyard is the perfect place. If it is mating, Levans believes we’ll see even more frogs in the coming weeks when tadpoles get their legs.

As for why the frogs in Red Mill were found dead, Levans said both chlorine and salt-based pools can dry out frogs enough to kill them. There is, however, a small floating ramp known as a FrogLog that can help frogs, toads, and turtles escape out of your pool for around $10.