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Charlotte family creates new 'nest' for family of owls

After Charlotte Fire helped return an owlet to its nest, Carrol Walton thought the story was over. But it wasn't, it happened again.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It was an unlikely animal rescue. An owlet fell from its nest in Carrol Walton's Montclaire Neighborhood back yard, so Carroll called in the Charlotte Fire Department.

"Goes to show there are so many good people here," Walton said. "I'm so happy that the Fire Department in this town is willing to come out and help us."

Soon, Engine 12 came and used a long ladder to safely place the bird back in the nest. Carroll thought the drama was over, but it wasn't. It happened again. 

Another baby owlet fell and this time Carrol wanted to call the experts at the Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville.

"Getting them back in the nest is the best thing for them," said Michele Miller Houck with the Carolina Raptor Center. "Actually, owls are the best at it. They're really great at the secondary nest thing."

With the Raptor Center's advice, the Walton family attached a new 'nest' to the tree. However, this nest was a plastic basket.

"That's the amazing thing is how on point the Carolina Raptor Center were in giving us this advice," Walton said. "To simply nail this basket about 7-8 feet above the ground so the owlet would be safe. The very next morning, Momma owl showed up."

WCNC got to see the Momma Owl sitting in her new nest. The Raptor Center says those owlets should be just fine.

Walton wrote a blog post about the family's adventure.

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