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Luna, 15-foot white shark, headed toward Outer Banks

Keep a weather eye on the horizon in the Outer Banks. There might be a visit soon by one of the largest great white sharks ever tagged by OCEARCH.
Credit: Robert Snow/OCEARCH

Heads up, Outer Banks! Make sure to keep a lookout off the shores of the beach for Luna.

Luna, one of the largest great white sharks ever tagged by OCEARCH, is making her way up the Carolina coast toward the Outer Banks. She pinged several miles off the shores of Charleston, South Carolina on May 9 over what's called the Charleston Bump. That particular location is known for its sudden rise from a 2,000-ft. depth to about 1,200 feet, according to NOAA.

Luna is the second largest white shark that OCEARCH has ever tagged. 

She weighs, 2,137 pounds and clocks in at 15-feet long -- which is about the length of a Volkswagen Passat.

Researchers named her Luna for the people of Lunenberg, Nova Scotia.

Another shark that's known around town also pinged off the coast of the Carolinas. For a while, OCEARCH trackers thought they lost track of Katharine, the Great White shark that frequents our shores pretty often.

OCEARCH believed that the battery on Katharine's tracker had fully depleted, but she made a surprise visit off the coast of Charleston, as well on May 11.

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