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Manatee, otter spotted near Newport News shipyard

It's an unusual sighting in Hampton Roads: a manatee and an otter in the same week.
Credit: Kevin McCormick

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Workers at a Newport News shipyard have had some exciting animal visitors recently!

Kevin McCormick, an employee at Fairlead Ship Repair, spotted a manatee Friday morning. McCormick said he spotted the manatee cruising near the harbor at around 11 a.m.

Credit: Kevin McCormick

While manatee sightings aren't unheard of in Hampton Roads, they are uncommon.

Manatees migrate to stay in warm water, according to an organization called Save the Manatee. In the summertime, manatees can be found in areas of Virginia, and migrate south past North Carolina to get to warmer waters starting around November.

But for workers at the Newport News shipyard, this isn't the first unusual animal sighting.

According to McCormick, an otter was sighted hanging out earlier this week, too.

While common to Virginia, otters are elusive and often difficult to observe, according to the Virginia Dept. of Natural Resources.

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