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Foxes embrace beach season in Ocean View

Red foxes spotted among beachgoers are there for a number of reasons.

NORFOLK, Va. — The crowds at the beach were made up of more than just humans over the weekend.

Some furry friends joined the usual stable of seagulls and sea snails in Ocean View: red foxes.

"Foxes, like most wildlife, are gonna go where there is an abundance of food," said Meredith Broadhurst, President of Evelyn's Wildlife Refuge. "They'll eat critters at the beach. They'll eat crabs."

Food is the first thing she mentions when asked about the foxes occasionally spotted at beaches in Ocean View. 

"People have this misconception... a lot of times they are not a threat at all, they are their only for the food choice that's available, they do not come out attacking anybody," she said.

In fact, the foxes find their way to the beaches -- and around humans in general -- as a means of protection.

"People don't realize their main predator is coyotes. Coyotes are more secretive; if you go into the woods [foxes] come across coyotes that will kill their kids. A lot of times you'll see foxes in suburban areas to have their babies." 

Experts we spoke with say these particular foxes are babies or "kits" that are nearing graduation from their parents’ nests. 

"It's wildlife baby season. Mom will stay with the kids while dad hunts. Sometimes you'll see kits following or playing, learning the skills to survive once they're on their own," relayed Broadhurst.

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