Move over, pumpkin spice; there’s a new seasonal flavor in town.

Cookie butter Oreos are coming soon, and they’re the perfect snack to get you in the mood for cozy, sweater weather.

According to TODAY, the cookie butter snacks will be available in stores nationwide beginning Monday. They will reportedly feature graham-flavored cookies with a cookie butter-flavored crème filling.

Well it was only a matter of time. 😍 @Markie_devo has the deets on completely real, not-made-up Cookie Butter Oreos that will debut later this year. Target date is somewhere around September, stores unknown. If I squint my eyes to the limits of human capability, it appears they say "cinnamon" cookie with cookie butter flavored cream. It could also say "graham." Doesn't matter, my eyes are blinded with excitement and lust. 😍🍪

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In case you haven’t noticed, cookie butter has quickly risen up the ladder of trendy flavors, from Trader Joe’s cult-favorite Speculoos Cookie Butter, to Olive Garden’s Cookie Butter Cake.

The new Oreos come on the heels of several limited-edition flavors, including Dunkin’ Donuts mocha and apple pie.