CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - After being bullied, one little girl decided to speak up rather than shutting down.

Morgan Summers lives with Larsen Syndrome, a disorder that affects the development of bones throughout the body. Because of this, Morgan has endured multiple surgeries at a young age. She now sometimes uses a wheelchair and leg braces which has made her the target of bullying in her kindergarten class.

As a means to process the situation and reach out to her peers, she poured her heart out on paper.

"This letter is 100 percent from her," her mother, Jordan Summers, wrote in a Facebook post. "I helped her with some grammar and getting it all put together, but these words are hers."

Here's some of what Morgan had to say:

I know when you're mean to me it's probably because you don't understand why I am different and you don't know what else to do.

Maybe you even had someone make fun of you before so you think that's how you should treat other people who are different. But I want you to know that's not how you should treat people...

If you ever have questions, you can just ask me when you see me... I never mind the questions, I just don't like when you stare and I definitely don't like it when you laugh at me and say mean things...

I had a sad weekend because some kids were very mean to me Friday, but I prayed for those kids and I forgive them and I hope that we can all choose to be kind to each other now so that nobody feels the way I did this weekend.

We are all different in our own ways and this is just how I am different. If we will all just talk to each other kindly and ask questions instead of staring or bullying, I think we will all be friends and so much happier...

Let's choose kindness!

Her mother, in awe of her child's precociousness, decided this was a message the world should see.

"It blew me away and we decided it's a letter that should be shared with the entire world, not just the school," Jordan Summers wrote.

Though hurt by the incident, Jordan wants everyone to know the school has been very supportive and is not the issue.

"Morgan is in, what I believe to be, the best district and the best school in the state. They have gone above and beyond to create an accepting and loving environment and she has thrived," she said. "Unfortunately, this was inevitable. It will happen anywhere. It's how we respond to it that I believe will make a change."

You can read Morgan's full letter in the original Facebook post below.


**Edit: Let me be very clear about something, and nobody asked me to say this. This is no reflection on her school at...

Posted by Jordan Morgan Summers on Sunday, February 11, 2018