RANDLEMAN, N.C. -- A Randolph County toddler is in the spotlight after he was chosen to be featured in a calendar seen around the world.

2-year-old Liam Scarlett's picture will be featured for the month of February in he 2018 "Clubfoot Cuties" Calendar.

He's a ham, by the way.

"I never get tired of seeing it," says his father, Michael Scarlett. "That's my boy."

Like most toddlers, he's a ball of energy and quick on his feet, despite a diagnosis before birth.

Liam was born with clubfoot, which is a birth defect where a foot is twisted out of shape.

"It was a lot of mixed emotions," Michael says. "We wanted to enjoy. After we did research we knew what was going to be in store."

A few weeks after he was born, Liam was put in a corrective cast. Then he had to wear special shoes to make sure the bones stayed in place. He still has to wear the shoes while he sleeps at night, but during the day he runs free. His mom Amber says she'll never forget his first steps.

"That's emotional for any mom but it was especially emotional for us," she says, adding it's an emotional story they wanted to share.

They entered Liam into a calendar contest on Facebook, through The Clubfoot Store, based in Montreal. His photo, taken by Christina Labrador of Little Pink Pig Photography in Liberty, was chosen to be part of February.

Photo credit: Christina Labrador, Little Pink Pig Photography in Liberty, NC

The calendar serves as a way to raise awareness for the birth defect. The proceeds benefit Miracle Feet, an organization that works to serve healthcare providers and those impacted by clubfoot around the world.

Clubfoot affects about 1 in 800 babies nationwide.

There are ways treat clubfoot, the most common being casting. That's where doctors will move the baby's foot to the correct position and put it in a cast to keep it in place.