NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Dale Price and Jason Nuss gave similar views on the current state of politics.

“I think it’s very tense at the moment for sure,” said Price.

“I’m, quite frankly, over it,” said Nuss.

But they don’t share the same political beliefs.

“Democrats did great,” said Price. “And I think it’s great for the state.”

“Being a cradle Republican, there are some things I’d like to see different,” said Nuss.

After several unexpected victories Tuesday night, the GOP majority has now been tested in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Regardless of party, both men wanted to share their thoughts on priorities moving forward.

Price is a part of the growing craft beer scene in Virginia, and he’s hoping to see legislation that builds on its momentum here in Hampton Roads.

“It’s a flourishing industry,” said Price. “I hope it keeps going that way.”

Nuss wants there to be a continued focus on the military roots of the region. He wants to see lawmakers investing in defense, a major driver of the local economy.

“That’s our freedom,” said Nuss. “That’s what’s allowing us to have what we have day in, and day out.”

They are two different people with two different requests of the government. But they both decided to talk less about conflicting views and more about simply having different priorities.

It’s the kind of thinking that allows for common ground.

“We’re all trying to be a little more inclusive,” said Price.

“We need to do what’s right for this country,” said Nuss. “Doesn’t matter if it’s Republican or Democrat.”