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Good coffee doesn't always need milk and sugar. This Newport News coffee shop is going back to the basics.

This Newport News spot is returning to basics hoping to bring coffee back to its original form.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Coffee in today's world is more milk and sugar than the good stuff. So Canvas Coffee in Newport News is now trying to return to the basics. 

"We were thinking of what's a good name that's like a fresh start, blank slate, and that's where Canvas came," co-owner Alex Hoyes said.

He told 13News Now that Canvas Coffee started with a purpose. "We felt that creatives and business people needed a space in Newport News, and we just wanted to be that outlet."

An outlet for creatives but also an outlet for getting back to what coffee should be. 

"Coffee is this interesting animal where people are very particular, and we just want to do bare bones," Hoyes nodded. 

They roast their beans, and Hoyes doesn't take that job lightly.

"My goal is for the flavor to come out in coffee, so when I'm roasting, I'm just optimizing the flavor profile," Hoyes explained. "So, people can have it without cream, sugar, or three pumps of this and that."

Their goal is for you to enjoy coffee without all the extra stuff added. 

"We want to show people you don't need to add cream or sugar to your coffee. You can have it just black," Hoyes said. 

However, if you're not sure, you can just start with just black coffee; they have you covered.

"The Hedgehog started honestly because I wanted to give people a bridge drink," Hoyes said about the shop's best-seller. "It's just the harmonious blend of espresso, the hazelnut that we make in-house, the way we steam our milk, the way in which the chocolate drizzle is placed on the steamed milk, and then it creates that textured layer to it."

If you need a little snack, too, try their new Canvas waffle. It is a liege waffle made in-house with a side of their homemade hazelnut spread. It is so delicious. They also serve other pastries, and pound cakes, which are made by another local

Partnering with their neighbors is something they take pride in. 

"We've collabed with local artists. DKane is a fantastic artist, he's around the area, and we just value community. So, we feel that this space just breathes life into Port Warwick," Hoyes said.

At Canvas Coffee, they just hope they can be a space for you. 

"We know who we are, we're not fake, we're just true to ourselves, we honestly just want to give people the very best coffee," Hoyes started, "Giving people the very best and showing people what coffee can be, is, um. Honestly, it just gives me life."

If you would like to visit Canvas Coffee, you can find them at 2170 William Styron Square S, Newport News, Virginia.

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