MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — It's been 12 years since Duck Donuts opened its first locations. They were in Duck and Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Now, the company is offering everyone a one-day-only deal to help celebrate the milestone.

On Wednesday, June 12 customers can enjoy the OBX Originals Assortment for $12. (That's 12 doughnuts for $12.)

Duck Donuts has locations across the country now. It also has a shop in Santiago, Chile. It all started on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, though.

Russ DiGilio and his family vacationed in Duck for many years. In 2005, they felt like there was nowhere to get a really great fresh doughnut. Two years later, they opened their store in Duck.

As part of the announcement about the anniversary deal, the company debunked some misconceptions about Duck Donuts:

  • We cook our donuts in duck fat (no ducks were harmed in the making of our donuts!)
  • We’re headquartered in North Carolina (actually we’re in Pennsylvania)
  • Donuts are only made in the morning (each donut is made fresh at the time of purchase and topped to the customer liking)
  • We’re only located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina (there are 80 locations across 17 states operational, with more to come!)

The $12 OBX Originals Assortment on June 12 will include flavors that were there at the store's beginning on the Outer Banks. You can find the Duck Donuts that's closest to you here.