CAPE CHARLES, Va. — Locals will tell you—if you are heading to the Eastern Shore and looking for a restaurant recommendation—check out Tim's Place in Cape Charles. 

Tim Abraham opened the restaurant in June 2018. 

"Cape Charles was growing when we wanted to come here, and so we decided to take a chance," he explained. 

Unlike other restaurants in the area, which often close for several weekdays in the tourist off-season, Abraham keeps his eatery open seven days a week. 

"We've been fortunate to have enough business to carry us," said Abraham. 

You can enjoy plenty of local Eastern Shore seafood offerings, but don't forget to try the most popular dish: fried chicken. 

It is a special recipe, that keeps the chicken moist and tender. 

"You eat a chicken breast here, it will never be dry," said Abraham. 

Abraham also runs a convenience store next door to his restaurant. 

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