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FRIDAY FLAVOR: Oishii Burger in Virginia Beach

The Virginia Beach spot is pushing to test the taste buds of customers with their Japanese-American fusion comfort food.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Paolo Vergara thought of the idea for Oishii Burger when he was on a trip to Seattle. 

When he returned to Virginia and shared the fried goodness with Andy Stofan, they knew they had something special. 

Vergara then picked up the phone and called head chef Brian Reyes. "He was like, 'You want to open a restaurant?' and I was like, 'Let's do it,'" Reyes laughed. 

Oishii Burger opened in Virginia Beach in 2019. Since then, they have been gracing the taste buds of Hampton Roads residents with their Japanese-American fusion comfort food. 

Oishii Burger has a straightforward meaning. "It's Japanese for like 'delicious, good,'" Reyes explained. 

At Oishii Burger, the team is working to take comfort food to the next level. 

You can order an array of items off their menu. The most popular item is the Oishii Burger: a fried burger with a mixture of Japanese and American toppings. The juices, combined with the crunch from when you bite into the burger, floor your taste buds. 

They also serve Japanese Beef Brisket Curry, Tokyo Chicken Wings, Shrimp Bao Buns and more. 

The dishes at Oishii Burger each bring a unique flavor and experience for you and your flavor pallet. 

"It's just like 'flavor bombs shooting everywhere' kind of thing," Reyes said. 

The overall goal of this spot is to give you an experience along with a full stomach. 

"The food's different, and you're in for a culinary adventure when you come in here," Reyes said. 

You can visit Oishii Burger at 4402 Princess Anne Rd.