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FRIDAY FLAVOR: Smoothie Stop aims to better your health

Smoothie Stop owners want to make you feel good, but they want to help the community too. That's why they started their "Smoothies for a Cause" campaign.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Smoothie Stop in Virginia Beach has a goal to help you feel good about grabbing a quick lunch. The owners say the creation of this store started with one of their matriarchs -- their grandmother. 

"She was very focused on eating simple healthy foods, having integrity, and offering value to people's lives," said Chris Dilks as he spoke about his co-owner's grandmother. 

The passion for adding value into lives has leaked into the creation of their product at Smoothie Stop. "It's simple ingredients that are healthy that help people, and that's really our core focus," added Dilks. 

Everything here is fresh. There are no frozen fruits or vegetables. Alongside their smoothies, they have wraps, salads, and more made to order. They are giving you every opportunity to take your health into your own hands. When it comes to health, Dilks has a personal connection to Smoothie Stop. He lost 50 pounds when he started getting serious about the produce behind the counter. 

"It has personally changed my life. It leaves me excited so that I can go out and talk to others and say, hey, I know from experience this is a good quality product," said Dilks. 

Smoothie Stop is working to be a quality product with more than just the ingredients. The owners decided to start their "Smoothie for a Cause" campaign. This campaign creates a moment for you to feel good about your spending inside the shop. When you purchase something, the Smoothie Stops put some of your money back into the community—donating their time and resources to the Red Cross, Girl Scouts of America, the Derrick Nnadi foundation, and more.  

"We're building relationships inside of the store, and we're building relationships outside of the store," said Dilks. "If you can offer value to someone's life, you're never going to be without a friend," he added. 

Do you want an insider tip?  If your allergies are killing you this time of year, order the "Springtime Smoothie for Sinus Relief" they just created it, and it's not on the menu. 

The Smoothie Stop has three locations. You can find the location featured in this story at 2836 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452. The other Virginia Beach location is 4740 Baxter Rd #110, Virginia Beach, VA 23462. Finally, the Hampton spot is at 3150 Allainby Way, Hampton, VA 23666. 

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