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FRIDAY FLAVOR: Tossed and Sauced

At this Chesapeake restaurant, it's simple: wings and pizza. But the flavors are far from ordinary!

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Ryan Mitchell owns a jewelry store in Chesapeake, but five years ago, he took a chance and opened a restaurant, too. 

He says the Great Bridge area needed a family-friendly sports bar. So, he created one at Tossed and Sauced.

"You know you toss the pizza, and you sauce the wings, and that's why I called it Tossed and Sauced," he explained.

At Tossed and Sauced, there was a specific game plan with the menu.

 "I wanted to do pizza and wings. There was already a pizza place here. I didn't want to do Italian. I like chicken wings and beer," Mitchell said as he laughed.

Their menu doesn't stop there, though. They've added appetizers like "Philly Spring Rolls." 

These are Philly Cheesesteaks in eggroll form. However, pizza and wings are the showstoppers. 

They make about 90% of their sauces in-house. The options to coat your wings are all delicious.

 They do have some top flavors, though.

"Spicy Brown Sugar, Strawberry Siracha, if you want a dry rub Garlic Parmesan," he said.

Their pizza is delicious, too. Of course, they sell your classics, but I would try a white pizza!

 "If you like spicy a little bit, it's ricotta, asiago, mozzarella, and spinach," Mitchell added. 

What makes the food good is how fresh Mitchell wants everything to be.

 "Dough gets made every day, make our sauce, all that good stuff. We get fresh wings," he said.

 "I wanted everything made in-house. I wanted nothing frozen. I stuck to that. I never swayed. I was very tempted to. Because it's so much easier to," he said. 

For Mitchell, the great food and great environment are one thing, but the community is the most important thing to him. 

He said he wanted to create a place for families to come. He wants the kids to play, the parents to relax, and enjoy delicious food. He said, "It's all about family," at his business. 

Tossed and Sauced is located in Great Bridge at 200 N Battlefield Blvd Ste 1, Chesapeake, VA 23320. 

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