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'You can eat three and not feel guilty' | Peace, Love and Little Donuts brings small bites of bliss to Virginia Beach

A military family finally found their forever home in Sandbridge, and now they hope to share a little piece of it with you.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Tucked away in Sandbridge, you can find Peace, Love and Little Donuts. 

This spot got its start in Pittsburgh with a mishap from the original owner. 

"It was like an accident. He put the donut machine together incorrectly. So, they started spitting out small, so that started his brain thinking, this is great, I'm not going to change this," Cricket Hedrick said, co-owner of the Sandbridge location. 

This is the first Virginia location, and the Hedrick's take pride in that.

 "We have a donut for everybody. We have a multitude of flavors and toppings that everyone will enjoy," Cricket said. 

Her daughter Hilary chimed in, "You can eat three and not feel guilty."

The flavors and the names are unique, with options like the Tina Turtle, the Almond Brothers, and the funky list goes on. 

Speaking of funky, it's like a step back in time when you open the doors. The colors and the fun echo 70's retro.

 "The vibe overall, very colorful. No one really has a bad time here, not even us," the family of four said with a laugh.

Laughing together as a family is something they are enjoying more of these days. 

"Because of Todd's military career, it's taken him from home a lot" Cricket said while looking at her husband, Tom. 

As most military families know, time with one another can be short and precious.

 "Until now, I've not known anything other than the military. Always traveling, always gone, always deployed, always out training," Tom said as he looked around the table at his family. 

"For me, it's like we're whole, you know? We're complete because we are together," Cricket said while grabbing Tom's hand.

 Complete, working together as a family.

 "It's actually been a really uplifting experience for myself," Tom added. 

Happiness is not only something the family feels, but the customers feel as well. 

"Everybody that comes in, they're all smiling. This is not a bad business to have," Cricket said. 

Tom added, "They go out happy. I've not seen anyone walk out of here not happy."'

How can you not be happy in a shop full of little donuts? The smells alone will make you smile. And if the donuts don't do it for you, maybe this family's story will. 

They've traveled from state to state with the military and finally settled right here in Sandbridge. 

"The shop has allowed us to have our forever home," daughter Hilary said. 

"We've moved around so much, and we've been pretty much separated for the majority of the time that we've been together." 

 Then Cricket added, "Everyone tells us how much they love being here, they love us, and that feels really good, so it kind of really does feel like we've come home in a sense." 

Home is a feeling that now resonates through the four of them, and hopefully, they can spread a bit of home to you with the help of a little donut. 

"The entertainment is free," Hilary said with a smile.

"Right, if you catch me in here, don't be surprised if I'm dancing or singing. You're welcome," Cricket said as the family laughed.  

If you would like to visit Peace, Love and Little Donuts, they are located at 2105 Princess Anne Rd Suite 106, Virginia Beach, VA 23456.

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