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Sticking to resolutions: Eating healthy at the drive-thru

Local dietician Tracy Condor shows how you can make good food choices, even at the drive-thru window!

NORFOLK, Va. — Almost one month into 2020 and many of us are trying to stick to our New Year’s resolution of eating healthy. Today’s fast-paced life and drive-thru style dining make that extremely difficult. 

Tracy Conder, a local dietitian at Old Dominion University, says you can eat healthy even when eating fast food. She says you just need to stick a plus sign on your plate, meaning have a vegetable, protein, grain, and a fruit with every meal.  

According to Conder, at Chick-Fil-A the healthiest option is an egg white grill. However, you can also order a bacon egg and cheese sandwich or chicken minis. 

Conder says what you need to be mindful of is the side of hash browns, only eating about a quarter of the container. It’s healthier to substitute the hash browns with a fruit cup or a fruit parfait.  

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Over at McDonald’s, Conder says the healthy choice would be a wrap with a side salad and a side of apple slices. A good alternative would be chicken nuggets... but hold the fries. Order a side salad and a side of apples instead.  

Overall, you can eat just about anywhere and still eat healthily. Conder adds to make sure you watch your portions and try to always get an extra veggie and healthy protein on your plate. 

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