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Forecasters predict active Hurricane season on the Atlantic Coast

Hurricane Preparedness Week started on Sunday.

NORFOLK, Va. — Forecasters are predicting another above-average Atlantic Hurricane season this year. Emergency management coordinators want you to start preparing now.

For Norfolk resident Michael Scott, the waterways in Hampton Roads bring animals and people together.

“Them two ducks right there come over to the front of my apartment just about every single morning and every single night," said Scott. 

Scott has lived in the Ghent area and near the Hauge for more than years, and he has experienced multiple natural disasters in his community. 

“I’ve been through hurricanes, floods, this that and the other. I helped people mop their basements out and everything around here," said Scott. 

Scott is not the only one who knows about living near a flood zone.

It's a sight Evelyn Wagaman is familiar with near the Hague.

“It gets really bad. It goes up the banks and it floods even up to one or more driveways," said Wagaman.

Wagaman has experienced preparing for a hurricane too. Her Norfolk office flooded days before she evacuated.

“I remember a couple of years ago. We evacuated all the way to Pennsylvania, we drove up there because of Hurricane Florence," said Wagaman. 

Emergency Management coordinators across the region want people to prepare for hurricane season now.

They recommend having an evacuation plan in place and making an emergency kit that can last at least three days.

Before the storm, cover your doors and windows and make sure you renew or get flood insurance. It could take up to 30 days to activate a policy.

FEMA has a flood map service online to help you locate your area and find out your flood risk.

Another good recommendation is to have a way to communicate with your family if you get separated.

Or you can ask a neighbor, like Scott for assistance. 

"Anything you need help on give Michael a call. I’m the yard guy around here,” said Scott.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, emergency officials are reminding people to pack extra masks and hand sanitizers.