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Single Moms Social Club aims connects and supports single mothers in Hampton Roads

The Single Moms Social Club aims to be a safe haven for single mothers as they navigate motherhood and life.

Editor's note: This story is a part of our Making A Mark series.

Adams formed The Single Moms Social Club in March where women can find solace and support.

"I think being a single mother is associated with a lot of struggle, a lot of sacrifice, bitterness, inability to succeed because of your circumstances," said Vanessa Adams. "You can still succeed, you can still pour into yourself, you can still have your own life and find moments for self-care."

Vanessa Adams wants to change how some people perceive single motherhood.

Mom to 7-year-old Ryleigh and 2-year-old Roux, Adams went through a divorce at the height of the pandemic in 2020.

"Even though I have friends who have been single mothers, they have older children, I felt isolated and alone," Adams said. "I felt like I needed a community. So, I created one."

"We confide in each other, we support each other, we uplift each other," Adams said. "It's building real sisterhood, providing resources for each other for what we need outside of the norm."

The group hosts events allowing single mothers to recharge, express themselves, and build friendships.

"Our inaugural event was a brunch, because everyone loves brunch," Adams remarked. "We did two meetups so far... We just want them to come, have a good time, relax, forget about being mommy for one second."

Friends and supporters of single moms are also welcome to attend group events.

Adams said she hopes the group is a safe space for single mothers and reminds them that they're not alone.

"There could be a lot of shame around being a single mom, but there's freedom in your testimony. So, share and connect with other women," Adams said. "Let's build this village and raise these kids together."

You can reach out to The Single Moms Social Club and keep up with upcoming events on Instagram.

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