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Good Samaritan in Suffolk reunites Colorado youth football team with misplaced jerseys

Colorado youth football coach Chris Garcia ordered new team jerseys in July. He only just got them, thanks to the help of a nearby Suffolk worker.

SUFFOLK, Va. — Sometimes good deeds can come from the most unexpected places.

Ask Jeremy Arthurs from Suffolk, who thought he could make a difference simply by scrolling through Facebook on a phone break at work.

Last week, he came across a call for help in a private group from a man he’d never met before: Chris Garcia, a youth football coach in Loveland, Colorado.

"I saw this post with big bold letters saying, 'People of Suffolk: I need your help,'" Arthurs said.

Garcia said an order of team uniforms for the upcoming football season was mistakenly shipped to "Loveland, Virginia" and not Loveland, Colorado.

The only problem: There is no Loveland, Virginia. So, the uniforms were shipped to and stuck in Suffolk.

"Ended up going all around the country," Garcia said in an interview with 13News Now.

Garcia said because of the incorrectly labeled shipping address, the package was sent out for delivery but would always return back to Suffolk. He then posted in a private Facebook group for help.

That's where Arthurs, and the location's proximity to his work, come in. 

On a lunch break, Arthurs retrieved the uniforms and personally sent them Garcia's way.

"There is skepticism when you're picking up a stranger's package and shipping it across the country," Garcia admitted.

"One comment was like ‘Be careful about shipping that you don’t know what it is!’ and I thought that’s a valid point. Once he told me the story, I had no reason to think it was a scam," Arthurs said. 

On Monday, Garcia's NoCo Venom finally received its long-awaited order, much to the delight of the screaming team members.

Arthurs doesn’t believe he deserves any kind of credit, but Garcia credits him for playing a major part in restoring their season.

“I think all and all people are good, it can only make someone’s day better to stop and help them out," Arthurs said. “I didn’t do anything super special or go above and beyond, but I could’ve helped, so I did.”

Garcia said the team received a technical loss in a recent game because the players didn't have proper uniforms at the time. The team will debut its new threads in the next game.

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