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If you haven't seen Senator Mark Warner's 'tuna melt' video - you should

Warner's mayo melt - sorry, his tuna melt - has taken Instagram and Twitter by storm since he posted the video earlier this week.

NORFOLK, Va. — Senator Mark Warner (D-Virginia) is trying to cheer up constituents stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic with something truly special - his childhood "tuna melt" recipe. 

Warner's mayo melt - sorry, Warner's tuna melt - has taken Instagram and Twitter by storm since he posted the video earlier this week.

The senator said he grew up on this melt, and learned to make it when he was very young. 

"If I can get enough retweets for my plan with @BernieSanders @SenDougJones & @SenBlumenthal to guarantee paychecks for every rank-and-file worker in America (including restaurant workers), I promise to never make you people watch me cook another tuna melt," he wrote.

Before you watch, we'll share Warner's warning:

"Now I'm going to be moving fairly quickly, so unless you're a professional chef, you may want to occasionally pause the video so you can keep up."

"Now I can't get my wife and kids to eat these anymore," he said. "But I tell ya', on a coronavirus day, nothing hits the spot more than a tuna melt."

If Warner's culinary prowess made you hungry, "apron up" and make sure you have:

- Two pieces of bread

- A copious amount of mayonnaise

- A can of tuna fish

- Two slices of medium cheddar cheese

- A functioning microwave

Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) even got in on the fun, with a return video where she made her own tuna melt and carefully instructed Warner on the proper way to drain excess water from canned tuna.

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