GREENSBORO, N.C. -- From the pickle to a gold nugget, to the possum drop, North Carolina has its own unique way of ringing in the New Year in 2017, but what about the rest of America?

We found a number of states that have their own unique items that are lowered to celebrate the New Year.

• Mount Olive, NC: A 3 ft. lighted pickle will be lowered from a 45 ft. flagpole at the corner of Cucumber and Vine streets.
• Marion, NC: A giant gold nugget will be dropped into a giant real donut thanks to Mr. Bob's Donuts. Then they cut into the donut.

New Gold Nugget will be dropped into a real donut in Marion, NC. Pic. Turtle Laboratories 
New Gold Nugget will be dropped into a real donut in Marion, NC. Pic. Turtle Laboratories 

• Mount Airy, NC: A Sheriff Badge will be raised at midnight in this Andy Griffith Show town!
• Brasstown, NC: For years a live possum has been lowered in a box from a pole outside of a convenience store.
• Raleigh, NC: A huge acorn is lowered down a pole to issue in the New Year.
• Port Clinton, OH: The city will drop a 20 foot, 600 pound walleye, a type of fish.
• Atlanta, GA.: An 800-pound peach will ring in the New Year.
• Plymouth, WI: An 80-pound decorated wedge of cheese will descend from 100-foot ladder truck.
• Flagstaff, AZ: A 6 ft. 70 lb. lighted pine cone will be lowered from the Weatherford Hotel.
• New Orleans, LA.: The French Quarter will lower a Fleur de Lis to ring in the New Year.
• Mobile, AL: A huge 600-pound Moon Pie will be lowered from a building.
• Key West, FL.: A giant conch shell will be dropped at a popular bar.
• Kennett Square, PA: An 8 ft., 500-pound sparkling lit mushroom will drop in what's known as the "Mushroom Capital of the World."
• Bethlehem, PA.: A fiberglass Peep will be dropped from a crane.
• Lewistown, PA: A six-by-nine-foot, 200-pound of Hartley's Potato Chip bag will drop. Chips have been a big part of the area since 1935.
• Indianapolis, IN: An IndyCar will be dropped to ring in the New Year.
• Vincennes, IN: An 18 ft., 500-pound watermelon will drop as it is celebrated to usher in the excitement as people get ready to enjoy summer in the months ahead of the New Year.
• Boise, ID: Get ready for the return of the Idaho Potato Drop! It's a spud-tacular event!
• Las Cruces, NM: 15-foot Chile Drop includes 400 feet of LED Lights. This year will mark its first year to drop. There will be a debate about whether the child should be red or green.
• Temecula, CA: A 250-pound cluster of giant grapes will be dropped from the Temecula City Hall Bell Tower. It has more than 4,500 LED lights.

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