CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- The Chesapeake Sheriff's office is delivering bags of holiday cheer for the 30th year. They're dropping off more than 100 bags of goodies to seniors in need of assistance. It's a sweet gesture that's melting hearts.

"The reality is you're trying to survive, and these baskets make that surviving during the Christmas season make it so much easier, and it's a real blessing," said Dolores Chappell.

A blessing that she's passing on to others: making greens for a family whose mother passed away.

The former sheriff's deputy out of Seattle said the holiday season is much more than the size of a gift or who can outdo whom.

"It's got to do with what comes from the heart. And the things that come from the heart have the greatest value," she said.

The delivering of baskets not only meant a lot to seniors but to sheriff's deputies as well.

"Probably the best feeling though was getting the hug and being able to visit. That's priceless," said David Hackworth, chief deputy.