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Happy Mother's Day! Florists across Hampton Roads are hard at work making dozens of bouquets

An ongoing global flower shortage isn’t slowing things down at a flower shop on Shore Drive.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Despite the dreary weather, we are still celebrating moms today!

It’s Mother’s Day, and one Virginia Beach florist is spending her morning creating dozens of bouquets – despite an ongoing global flower shortage.

Free Turner said Mother’s Day means a lot of hard work.

“I’m tired!” Turner joked. “The balls of my feet are hurting. I am tired.”

Turner said people spent all of last week calling in orders and ordering online. And yes, there are still lots of last-minute sons and daughters out there.

“Yesterday I got about 20 walk-ins, and today I’ll probably get the same,” Turner said. “Mother’s Day for me – in my experience – has been busier than Valentine’s Day.”

Turner is the owner of Virginia Beach Basket Case, also known in the Chic’s Beach neighborhood as Shore Drive Florist.

“Well everybody loves mom,” Turner said. “And it’s not just about your mom. It’s your neighbor, it’s your sister.”

There is one problem: an ongoing flower shortage is impacting florists across the country.

When asked what flowers are hard to find, Turner said: “Just about everything, greens and fills and things that you need to keep going.”

There are several factors to blame for the shortage, including pandemic-related supply chain problems.

“So the prices, just like everything else in this world now, has gone up,” Turner said.

Even so, the orders are still coming in. However, she said she might have to cut her workday a little short.

“Because I’m a mom, too!” Turner said. “And I want to go home and go out to dinner. I want to do those things!”

In case you can’t find any last minute flowers today – some other options for mom include chocolates, gift baskets, or a nice dinner.