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Keep your home safe this holiday season

Protect your home with these tips from Mister Sparky.

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The holiday season is a fun time when we adorned our homes with holiday lighting and inflatables but it can also be dangerous time.  Mister Sparky has some tips to help you keep your home safe during this holiday season.

Tip 1: Drop cords

All drop cords have ratings make sure you pay attention to rating and size of the drop cord.  Its imperative that you read the label attached to the drop cord.

Tip 2: Christmas Lights

Getting new Christmas lights and unraveling them are very easy but what happens when your done and you need to store them?  Keep the package they came in and rewind them back up and put them away , you'll keep them from breaking and they will be easy to handle for the next time.

Tip 3:  Extension cord cover/baggies

Protect your outdoor extension cord connections from the rain and moisture with these extension cord covers. They are about $5-$10 and will prevent circuit breakers from tripping.  If the price is too steep get a zip lock baggie and put the extension cord connection in the baggie and zip it up.  

Tip 4:  Timers

If you have timers Mister Sparky does not recommend keeping them "ON" all the time. IF you have inflatables hook them up to your timer, its a good and safe way to control the  inflatable.

Tip 5:  Space heaters

Do not plug space heater into a power strip.  Power Strips have different rating typically not able to accommodate the output of a space heater.  The result can be a burnt out strip or even worse a fire.

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