HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- Finding and decorating the perfect Christmas tree is an age-old tradition. But ornaments might not be the only thing hanging on your tree.

Pest control company Safer Brand says your tree may be teeming with thousands of bugs!

Most of these bugs will eventually die, but you may not want them in your home. Tree expert Russ Clark from East Coast Landscaping says the bugs aren't always visible, but they are there.

"Within all plants, you have beneficial insects that you want to keep there, because they help the plant survive, and might ward off other predators," Clark says. "But when you're taking it inside, you want to get all the bugs out."

Mites, spiders, and beetles are some of the more common bugs to have on the tree. Ask your supplier if they have a mechanical shaker, if not shake it thoroughly or use a leaf blower.