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Understanding the Halloween pop-up shop economy

They're here one day and gone the next.

NORFOLK, Va. — What’s with all the pop-up Halloween stores every year?

Ever wonder how they operate? They’re here one day and gone the next.

This isn’t just a Hampton Roads thing. They exist all over the country.

One of the more well-known brands is Spirit Halloween. They seem to crop up every year in old toy stores and vacant food marts.

In fact, 13News Now counted 11 of them in Hampton Roads alone.

Here’s the interesting thing: 13News Now told viewers about the decline in traditional retail. Stores closing like DICK’s Sporting Goods in Virginia Beach, and the handful of stores now leaving MacArthur Center in Norfolk.

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This kind of decline actually helps companies like Spirit Halloween.

Why? Because most of their business model revolves around real estate.

They hire teams to scout out locations year-round, and the more that popular retailers, already in prime spots, close, the more space there is for Spirit Halloween to move in and grab a temporary lease for a decent price.

It may not be a permanent solution for the landlord, but some money now is better than no money, so don’t expect to see this trend ending anytime soon.

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