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MAKING A MARK: Collecting bras for women in homeless shelters

People commonly donate clothing to shelters, but what about undergarments? One woman realized there was a need for these items and made it her mission to help.

NORFOLK, Va. — This is a story of when profession and passion are a perfect fit.

Quinne Hanson started managing the lingerie section of a department store and soon found her niche. 

"I get ladies of all different walks of life that have never found the perfect fitting bra," said Hanson, "and I've got that magic touch to just inspire them: find that perfect bra that fits their curves and gives them what they need."

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Knowing what the right undergarments did for her customers, Hanson set out to help others who couldn't afford them. 

"Bras are very overlooked when it comes to donating clothing," Hanson said. "So, I thought, 'OK, well that's perfect. I work in lingerie. That's something that I can provide... Let me take advantage of this moment to be able to provide them with something that they need.'"

Last August, she began collecting new or unused bras and fitting women at a local shelter. The name of her project is "Operation Uplift & Inspire."

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Hanson said the impact of a well-fitting bra is not just physical for women, but emotional too. 

"I'm sure that's the last thing that they think of when they're trying to take care of themselves, their children, they're stuck in a really difficult situation," she explained. "You don't think about putting yourself first. And I wanted to be able to do that for these ladies."

Hanson said it's a small gift to women facing hardship, but she hopes it gives them a little bit of the support they need. 

"The community still believes in them," said Hanson. "We're still there for them, and they're not forgotten, even though they're down on their luck."