VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Neighbors in the Windsor Woods neighborhood of Virginia Beach know what flooding truly is, and now, they’re fighting back.

Community Leader Virginia Wasserberg runs the organization 'Stop the Flooding Now' and said that the group is working to change the problem.

"It's a way of our lives that we just kind of deal with, we go through it. We don't like it, so we just try and do as much as we can to stop it,” said Wasserberg. 

Wasserberg said the City of Virginia Beach is working hard to help the neighborhood out with projects and maintenance work.

"They manage the maintenance of drains, and when people call in about flooding, they've been responding and coming out and finding a lot of crushed pipes. They also handle street sweeping, and that helps out with our curb lines and gutters,” said Wasserberg. 

Wasserberg said that locals can work to help out in their own neighborhood by adopting a drain.

"A lot of people can just find a drain in their neighborhood and they can quote-unquote adopt it by going through the gutter and the curb line and making sure it's free of debris before a storm,” said Wasserberg. 

Wasserberg said the best way to stop the flooding is for locals and city leaders to work together moving forward.

“Just working with the city to become more educated on what the city wants to do in the neighborhood, and the city is trying to educate them on what they can do," said Wasserberg.