If you're too young to remember or old enough to want to forget, back in 1985 Coca-Cola completely abandoned its iconic recipe to introduce, "New Coke."

It was a disaster.

"Literally 79 days," said Greg Artkop, director of communications for Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages. "That was all that America wanted."

It was such a spectacle, that ABC's World News Tonight with Peter Jennings led off a July 1985 broadcast with Coca-Cola's return to it's the original formula:

But New Coke is coming back, in a way.

Season three of the hit show, "Stranger Things," is set in 1985, the same year New Coke hit the market.

Leading up to the new season's release on Netflix, New Coke made its lone vending machine appearance last week at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

Inside a "Stranger Things" inspired, upside-down vending machine, travelers could get a taste of 1985. 

It was the only physical location in America where intriguing minds could get New Coke, and it stuck around for exactly one day.

However, if you'd like to get some yourself, New Coke is available online, in a limited supply. Only 500,000 cans were created for the "Stranger Things" promotion, so you'll have to move quickly before it disappears...again.