MOYOCK, N.C. (WVEC) -- Most of us don't find much purpose for a penny. Noah Halferty is not most of us.

"He’s always had a big heart," says his mom, Kelly Halferty, when talking about the nurturing personality her son has always had.

The 6-year-old boy from Moyock, NC knows what it's like to be loved and to have lots of things. But around the holidays, instead of getting more, little Noah decided to share.

Kelly bought Noah a small treasure chest she spotted while shopping, and his plan was to use the chest to collect change and "save up for Legos," he says. But after a family visit to the Currituck Animal Shelter, his plans changed.

Kelly says seeing the dogs and cats at the shelter affected Noah.

"The dogs are sad or the kittens are sad, and they’re just kind of looking at you like, 'Will you play with me?'" she says.

So in the days that followed, Noah chose to sacrifice his Lego money in hopes of doing something special for those animals. He painted the words "Pennies for Puppies" on the chest and kicked off his campaign to collect as much money as possible for the shelter.

"Puppies need water and food and air," says Noah, explaining why the animals at the shelter need the money more than he does.

Kelly admires her son's giving spirit. "He just said, 'I want to do that.' So, he did," she says. "Instead of us giving him money for toys, he just wants to put it in [his treasure chest]."

As of Wednesday, he has raised just under $200 with no plan to quit.

"I never ever want to discourage that [giving spirit] in him, especially with something like this," says Kelly, expressing how proud she is of her son. "Six years old and doing this... 'They need it more,' he said."

A penny may not go far alone, but Noah believes enough of them can make a difference if you give them purpose. "[They] could help [the animals] live," Noah says.

If you would like to make a donation to Pennies for Puppies, visit