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BENTLEY & FRIENDS: A young stray needs a loving home

Sydney is believed to be younger than two years old. Living a life of neglect, her shelter is hopeful for a forever home

PORTSMOUTH, Va. — Sydney, in the words of Portsmouth Humane Society, is “vivacious.” The shelter found her wandering as a stray in October. She’s believed to be close to two years old. 

“When we met Sydney her skin was in pretty poor condition, she didn’t know us we didn’t know her,” says Dyanna Uchiek with the shelter. 

“She’s got all the enthusiasm and energy as a young dog,” adds Uchiek.

The shelter vet is currently treating her for a skin condition that will likely need ongoing care. She, to some, looks rough around the edges. That still makes her no different in needing a home. 

When asked about Sydney’s personality traits, Uchiek says, “I think she’s a clown, I think she’s a powerhouse and I think she’s exuberant.”

Sydney’s energy levels are that of a puppy. She jumps, she nips and she gets overly excited. Sometimes she’s not sure what to do with all that excitement, so she bites. 

She is by no means a mean or vicious dog, but you can tell she needs proper training. 

Uchiek said Sydney’s eager to learn, “She’s so driven and so interested in building a relationship with her person.”

If you want to adopt Sydney you will need to have patience. You will also need to dedicate some time to training and showing her what’s right and wrong. She approached our 13News Now team with love and then got too excited and starting jumping and nipping. 

Our team never felt worried or concerned. It’s evident she just needs a good home that can handle her exuberant energy levels. 

“She’s wide open, she’s eager to please, she’s friendly,” says Uchiek. She added that Sydney is a dog that is, “Bouncy, boisterous and really happy to be a part of the world." 

Those energy levels are why Sydney probably isn’t suitable for a home with young children. The shelter says she’s fine with other dogs, though. 

If you think your home could be a good fit for Sydney you can head over to the Portsmouth Humane Society’s website and click on Syndey’s profile.