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Bentley and Friends: Physical therapy for pets

Physical therapy isn't just for humans. We checked out a place that is dedicated to putting a spring back into your pet's step!

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — P.A.W.S. for Rehabilitation stands for Pet Alternative Wellness Solutions.  

It's one of the few places in Hampton Roads that provides physical therapy for animals. That includes massage therapy and hydrotherapy. The different exercises and practices help build up your pet's strength, stability and muscle mass. It's perfect for animals that suffer from arthritis. 

Dr. Stephanie Patterson, Owner and Medical Director of P.A.W.S. for Rehabilitation explains some of the other services they offer. 

"Acupuncture is one of them, spinal and joint manipulations where we move the joints around in different ways to help maintain their range of motion. I'll do ultrasounds of the joints so things that don't show up on X-rays like an Achilles heel injury or you can look at the knee or into the groin muscles and tendons and ligaments there," said Patterson.

Shock wave and laser therapy are also super popular treatments. Eugene Herrera takes his dog Bubba to P.A.W.S and has been a client for years!

"We noticed an improvement the day after which was pretty surprising to us. He was more active and felt like going places and doing things which he hadn't been doing for a while," Herrera said.

They also have this agility area that allows your pet the opportunity to work their muscles and train their bodies. From dogs to cats to birds to even a potbelly pig, P.A.W.S has seen it all and is ready to help your animal live a healthy, agile life.

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