Dogs love to be out and romping around in the yard, playing, jumping and chasing squirrels.

In today’s Bentley’s Corner, Tim dives into a very common injury that could very quickly bring a stop to your dog’s active lifestyle, ACL tears.

One of the most common injuries amongst dogs that Dr. Denette Cooke treats is ACL tears.

It is an injury that you just don’t see coming.

“Number one culprit of ACL tears is squirrels, dogs jumping off the deck, full throttle, to go chase a squirrel," said Dr. Cooke. “I’ve had dogs tear their ACLs when they slipped on ice. I’ve had them tear their ACLs when they are just at the beach and got rolled by a wave just playing and romping and getting twisted.”

If this happens to your dog - you’ll know right away.

“Classically what people will see, the dog went out to the back yard normal, comes back limping on three legs, lifting a leg up, it's a very common injury,” Dr. Cooke tells us.

Once the injury occurs the only way to treat it is a very pricey surgery.

We’re talking four to six thousand bucks! Not cheap!

A good reason to get that pet insurance I’ve told you about a few times!


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Recovery time afterward is lengthy.

Healing calls for your dog to stay still and only walk with assistance for 4-6 weeks.

And there’s this little-known fact too:

“You’re not going to like this, but dogs that tend to have it happen in one leg within two years will have it happen in another leg,” said Dr. Cooke.

So what’s the best way to keep your dog from getting an A-C-L tear?

Dr. Cooke said – watch your dogs’ weight and warm them up before activity – so walking before running.