NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) — We've all heard some "facts" about our dogs and took them at face value. But are they true?

Our friend Dr. Denette Cooke from Cooke Veterinary told us the truth, or the fiction, behind the common myths.

The first myth: Are dogs color blind?

The answer: "Dogs are not colorblind, they actually have cones in the back of their eyes which are the cells that are necessary to see color as we do, but they don’t have as many cones," explained Dr. Cooke. "They do see color but not as vivid of color as we see."

The second myth: What about the common belief that our dogs age 7 times faster than we do?

The answer: According to Dr. Cooke, this one has some truth. "We like to say that one canine year is seven human years, but that’s really just lumping all dogs together," said Dr. Cooke. "We have very small dogs that can live a long time and then large dogs that may not live as long. So when we lump it all together that’s what we get, seven years.”

The third myth: A good way to know if our pup isn’t feeling well is to see if their nose is dry or wet.

The answer: Dr. Cooke explained, “It doesn’t have anything to do with how the dog is feeling I tell people they really can know how their dog feels by looking in their eyes. They can know their dog doesn’t feel well. So no matter the color or the texture of the nose the moisture of their nose, you’re going to know.”

The fourth myth: Is it true that you should only bathe your dog once a month to save its coat from being harmed?

The answer: “I still get that, people say I heard you can’t because you’ll ruin their oils and you can’t bathe them more than once a month. You can actually bathe them every day. We just want to make sure our shampoos are nice and mild,” explained Dr. Cooke.