Taking walks with your dog is not only essential for their overall health but it is also in most cases, the highlight of your pup's day.

Far too often owners run into the problem of their dog not being a good leash walker, pulling and tugging in all directions and making the walk very stressful and unenjoyable.

Usually, the first solution that comes to mind is expensive dog obedience and walking classes... but did you know that you can find the fix by just fitting your dog with the right harness?

We visited with our expert, Nadeen over at Care-A-Lot, who can fit any dog with the right harness.

“RC Pet has a new harness called the Tempo. This harness has a front control it also has a martingale back control. It’s got a breathable mesh, nice chest plate and it is fully adjustable around all the important five plates,” Nadeen tells us. “So it’s easy to put on, slips over the head, the plate goes down around and then you just buckle it on the side.”

When you pair this with a two-point leash -- which I had never heard of before -- it makes all the difference!

Let me let you in on a secret: Bentley wasn’t always a good walker. Having the right equipment has made all the difference with him.

We used to walk him with a leash attached directly to his collar. He would pull all the time! When we finally saw the light and fitted him with a harness, he was a different dog.

When your pup pulls using a two-point leash and harness, it redirects your dog back to you, almost like a steering wheel! 

If you’re having issues with keeping your dog on a straight path, look into a harness. It is comfortable for them and gives you maximum control when walking them.

"Walking should be fun for both parties. It should be enjoyable, it should be a bonding experience, so given the proper tools it can just benefit both of us," Nadeen said.