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BENTLEY'S CORNER: Mobile dog grooming

These dog groomers come to you!

If you’re a pet owner then you know how important it is to keep your furry friend properly groomed.  

But for some animals, the trip to the groomers is too stressful! 

Well now, they come to you!  

Meet Renee Sainato, owner of Busy Disi Pet Services 

"Well, the name says it all. I offer mobile pet grooming, hair cuts, dog baths. I even do cats, I even have a few rabbits and guinea pigs I also groom. It's really for any pet. We come to your house, we are a fully functional vehicle, we are self-sufficient, we run on generator power, we have our own water tanks inside," Renee said.

More and more of these mobile businesses are popping up because it just makes sense.  

"I used to be a standalone groomer in a salon but I've actually switched over to mobile grooming here recently just because it is a booming business and more and more people are wanting us to come to them," Renee says.

Mobile pet grooming pretty much alleviates all the stress for your dog or cat. It's a private experience with no other client's dogs and cats around and no car ride.  

I brought along Bentley to see what magic Renee could work with him.   

He got a bath -- something he was not too happy about.  

And then fully dried with what sounded like a jet engine drier. He enjoyed that.

Next, was clipping his nails and combing out the excess and dead hair to lighten up his coat.  

In and out in under one hour and we are left with a clean cut, great smelling, and happy Bentley boy!

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