NORFOLK, Va. — We’ve touched on home DNA and medical test kits on Daybreak in the past, but dog test kits are also growing in popularity.

As I found out, they can help shed some light on any health problems your pup might have.

We got our hands on this new product called "Petnostics" and it claims to do the same urine tests for health issues for dogs that your vet does. The only thing we have to do is get the sample. 

The Petnostics kit is simple enough: purchased on Amazon fur under $25, it comes with a sample collection container fitted with a test strip inside of it, this helps limit the contact with the said sample.

So I glove up and outside we go to collect. Bentley had been drinking a lot of water so this should be quick… 

Minutes go by. We ask, "Will he go here? Will he go there? This seems like a good spot... nope, wait, not really. Please hold."

When all hope is almost gone he finds that perfect patch of grass worthy of a deposit. It’s here that I’ve got to make my move, position the container just perfectly to gather enough urine mid-stream, without Bentley seeing me.

Can it be done?


The kit comes with an app that takes care of the testing itself. No need to send the sample to a lab and you get the results immediately.

You put the lid on the sample, turn it upside down a few times to saturate the test strip, and then take a picture of the lid.

The app will run a whole urine analysis and tell me right there if there’s anything I need to pay a visit to a vet to further address.

Petnostics promises to detect early warning signs for several common diseases including diabetes, kidney stones, and liver disease.

Thankfully, for Bentley, his tests all came back negative.