VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — It's a word that strikes fear into the hearts of some dogs. Equally so into the hearts of owners who have to put in the effort. That word: "bath."

Now there's an easier option to get your dog clean and not break your back while doing it. Care-A-Lot just opened its brand new self-service pet washing stations, and you know I had to swing by with Bentley to try it out.

It's no easy task lifting a 75-pound dog into a tub and keeping him still. Washing, shampooing, and drying are an all-hands-on-deck type of chore.

The station is decked out with temperature-controlled water, easy access steps, washcloths, towels, all-natural shampoos, tethers to keep the dogs secure and force air dry jets that get your dog dry in no time! It's all included in the small fee you pay to use the facility.

The timing couldn't be better. It gets even more difficult to bathe our dogs in the winter.

It's just a whole lot easier than having to clear your own bathroom. You pay a flat fee of $15, wash your dog and leave. No cleanup necessary.

This takes convenience and ease of use to a new level. Plus it lowers the stress level on you, the owner! No more wrestling your dog in the tub and most importantly, it's a much more pleasant experience for your fur child.

Care-A-Lot has two locations in Virginia Beach and one in Newport News. They're open seven days a week, but make sure to check their hours if you're thinking of heading there to give your pup a bath.