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How the coronavirus outbreak is affecting shelter animals

Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center encourage people to still adopt and foster even though their doors are closed. Here's how.

NORFOLK, Va. — While the doors may be closed, business is open at the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center. Adoptions are still taking place even though the public isn't allowed inside, so how are they doing it?

You can go to their website and take a look at all the animals up for adoption. Once you fill out an application form online and talk to an adoption counselor on the phone, you can ask for an interactive video of the particular pet you are interested in.  

"All of the animals here are getting videos that we are storing in our shared drive and we're able to facebook messenger that to people. We can Facetime with the potential adopter. Truly, anything we can to open up our shelter without actually opening our doors, we will do," Bureau Manager for NACC, Michelle Dosson said.

Meet and greets are also available upon request. 

With the coronavirus outbreak being greater than ever, the intake number of surrendered dogs, luckily, has not increased.

And for those wondering if they can contract the virus from their pets: the answer is no, according to the Center of Disease Control., 

So for those of you who may not have much to do during this time, fostering an animal is also a great option too. 

"Right now is a great time to have an animal. We're all at home and some of us are going stir crazy so what better way to find a really good buddy to pet on and have that emotional support we all need at this time," Dosson said.

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