PHOENIX -- The Arizona Humane Society said two dogs with an inseparable bond are in need of a home.

Jefe the Chihuahua and Jericho the German shepherd do not look like they have much in common, yet they are best friends. The odd couple is up for adoption and AHS is waiving their adoption fee.

When rescuers found the pair, Jericho, who has Valley Fever, was sick, malnourished and covered in ticks, AHS said. Jefe was comforting his friend, lying on top of Jericho.

According to AHS, rescuers separated the pair, briefly, while loading Jericho into an ambulance, making Jefe panic. AHS knew then the two needed a home together.

With Jefe by his side, Jericho recovered in the shelter's trauma hospital and a foster home. The two dogs are looking for a forever family now.

Jericho will need daily medication to treat his Valley Fever, but he is capable of living a happy and active lifestyle, according to AHS.

AHS said the dogs need to be with someone who can provide Jericho with proper medication.

For more information or to set up a meet and greet, call the Arizona Humane Society at 602-997-7585 ext. 2156.