CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- Janet Rosson and Chris Haith’s dog Toula had serious health issues before she passed away last year.

“Throughout her life, she got diagnosed with a couple different illnesses. Cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, and then finally kidney failure," says Rosson.

To honor Toula, Janet and Chris created the 'Toula Strong' Foundation or Tou Strong. They teamed up with Debra Griggs, founder of Animal Resources of Tidewater.

“It is specifically set up for sustained care for senior pets and terminally ill pets, who we know many of them have lots of time left and we want that to be pain-free, and we want their families to enjoy that time without the stress of worrying about medical care," said Griggs.

Griggs said the partnership is vital.

“Animal Resources of Tidewater has an existing medical assistance fund. Folks can apply and that can help them with all kinds of needs. We will be a subset of that fund," says Rosson.

Dr. Key from Bay Beach Veterinary Hospital said hospice was a great thing for Toula, her former patient.

“I think her life would have ended a whole lot sooner had we not had all those opportunities available to her, hospice care, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, all these other non-traditional medicines that we rely on," says Key.

The first fundraiser for 'Toula Strong' is on March 24th at Big Ugly Brewery in Chesapeake. There will be music and food, as well as a raffle with prizes. All are welcome to come out from noon to 6 p.m.