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Bentley's Corner: Pet potty training

What to do AND what NOT to do.

Potty training a new pet can be a big feat to undertake.

Pet owners will be more successful if they understand their pet's behavior and learn how to correct it.

Picture this: You just got a new puppy, they are the cutest little thing. You just adopted a pup, and they are just the right fit for you and your family. Then comes the accidents in the house, and the struggle to potty train.

"Housetraining becomes one of those things that it's a lot of management," said Sydney Warner, an ABCDT.

There are a few things to go over to be successful.

"Routine. We want to give our puppies a really strict routine," Sydney said.

Pet behavior specialist Warner recommends setting a timer so pet owners will remember to take their pup outside every 30 minutes or so depending on their size and age.

Then add confinement to the new pet.

"Your puppy hasn't earned the privilege of free roam of the house yet. So when you can not be supervising your puppy we need to be able to confine them to space where they are not as likely to use the bathroom," Sydney said.

Sydney stresses pet owners need proactive supervision, which means the puppy can alert them if they need to go out.

"Training will be another big part, so I actively train my pets to potty outside, we practice going out into the yard," said Sydney.

Reward their deposit!

"The moment the puppy finishes pottying, I am going to reward that. Treat, free time off the leash," said Syndey.

Sydney has one warning to avoid in your training at all costs.

"If your puppy has an accident in the house one of the worst things we can do is punish it. So the idea of rubbing your dog's nose in it or spanking them or yelling at them. The only thing that is going to create is a dog that learns I shouldn't potty when you're around," Sydney said.

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