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Owner: Missing exotic cat traveled from Kitty Hawk to Virginia Beach, plan is underway to catch him

"Rocky" the exotic cat was found near Shore Drive in Virginia Beach, and Animal Control is now working with the owner, from Kitty Hawk, to try and capture it.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Virginia Beach Animal Control is working with an exotic cat's owner to try and capture the pet.

According to the cat's owner, Brian Hankins, Rocky went missing from his home in Kitty Hawk back in October. He's been trying to capture the cat over the last six months. Rocky, a serval cat, is native to Africa. 

Meghan Conti of Virginia Beach Animal Control said the exotic cat traveled from his home in Kitty Hawk to Virginia Beach.

"It is a little unusual, we like to say that its something in the water that is bringing the cat to this area but in reality, Servals can travel 20 miles in a day," said Conti.

The latest sighting of Rocky was in the 2300 block of Shore Drive around 8:15 Wednesday morning. Animal Control searched the area and found tracks, but couldn't locate the cat. Since then, the tracks have led them to believe Rocky has roamed the same area for a few weeks.

On Thursday, Hankins traveled from North Carolina to Virginia Beach to try to find Rocky. Hankins joined Virginia Beach Animal Control to set down humane traps to try and catch the cat. 

"He would like his cat back, he's a part of his family," said Conti. 

There's a GPS tracker on Rocky's collar, but Hankins said the batteries died a few days after he went missing.

The bizarre sighting has captured the attention of people from Virginia Beach.

Tykira Paul is one of them.

"We're gonna find that cat," said Paul. "We walk a lot so hopefully we can find it."

Another resident of Virginia Beach, Charles Lyon, said he has never seen such an exotic cat in person. Lyon lives feet away from where Rocky was last spotted.

"I’m always in the area and I’m always on a boat so definitely will keep an eye out," said Lyon.

The cat is believed to weigh about 25 pounds and has long legs, making it about 25 inches tall at the shoulders.

Rocky was wearing two collars. Hankins said he's gentle around people and other pets. However, the cat has wandered alone for months and at this point, he may run from people if he's approached.

Animal Control does not suggest the public approach or interact with the animal. It is encouraged to call Animal Control dispatch at (757)385-5000 and report the location information for an officer to respond. 

This type of cat is known to eat small rodents such as mice and squirrels as well as small birds.

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