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Virginia Beach woman's podcast is a ticket to inspiration for listeners

Clenise Platt's recently launched podcast pushes people to search the world in order to truly find themselves.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Log on and take off!

Clenise Platt said her podcast is a ticket to motivation.

"The Plattinum Passport Podcast is really all about an opportunity to inspire people to really live their best life," Platt said.

Launched through her production company Seechelle's Creations, Platt hosts between five and eight conversations per season with guests about philanthropy, travel and overall purpose.

"Take that opportunity to get away, learn, grow, develop, restore, refresh ourselves," Platt said.

Like the podcast name suggests, Platt said she wants to take listeners on a journey with every episode.

"At the end of every Passport Podcast, it'll say, 'Your Plattinum Passport has been stamped!'," Platt said. 

We want [listeners] to relentlessly pursue your destiny, to explore the planet, and we want you to fully engage in life."

Those are goals Platt said she made a priority after a very difficult time for her family.

"I lost my grandmother. My dad got really sick while he was in the hospital. His brother passed. And then, my grandfather passed," Platt said. "The one thing that it really, I think, helped me to be even more passionate about, was the importance of following your dreams."

As a leader at work and in the Norfolk community, Platt said the podcast is her latest effort to help others reach their full potential.

"I have the opportunity to pour into people's lives... and to know that those words are going to inspire other people," Platt said.

Though the podcast boasts curiosity and adventure, Platt said she hopes listeners learn that the best kind of exploration starts at home.

"Have you even explored where you live?" Platt said. "Step outside there and do something that is just different and unique. And then, find a way that you can use your gift or your talent wherever you go."

The new season of the Plattinum Passport Podcast kicks off February 16th. You can listen live through most podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts

You can also listen to each previously aired episode through the Plattinum Passport Podcast website.

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