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Family in Portsmouth wants answers after loved killed in hit-and-run

Relatives and friends of 27-year-old Anthony Etheridge held a vigil in his honor. They said a driver hit Etheridge at George Washington Highway and Davis Street.

PORTSMOUTH, Va. — A Portsmouth man died over the weekend from his injuries after he was injured during a hit-and-run.

It happened on Monday, October 12. His family members stepped forward and identified him as 27-year-old Anthony Etheridge. 

They want help finding the driver who hit him.

The family wants information that will help them get justice for a musician, a twin brother, son, nephew and uncle. On Sunday, family and friends held a vigil for Etheridge.

Amanda Donaldson, Etheridge's cousin, was emotional during the vigil.

“There’s a lot of hurt, there’s a lot of pain," said Donaldson. 

She said the intersection of George Washington Highway and Davis Street will never look the same for her.

“It’s definitely a big loss for our family," said Donaldson. 

Donaldson has many questions for the driver who hit her family member. 

“Accidents happen and if this was just an accident, why didn’t you stay? Why didn’t you call for help? What if those minutes saved his life? What if the paramedics got there 10 minutes faster and he would be alive today?," said Donaldson. 

Donaldson said Etheridge died on Saturday.

She described him as a kind person with a good soul.

"We have tons of little children in our family and they all look up to their uncle Anthony and just loved and adored him," said Donaldson. 

Portsmouth police said Monday that the person killed was Etheridge.

“We have absolutely nothing to go on, no type of motive, no type of vehicle, no type of enemy list to start checking off. We have absolutely nothing," said Donaldson. 

Portsmouth police need help, too. They're asking the public for any pictures or video taken/recorded in the area from midnight to 3 a.m. that morning.

“Understanding how devastated our family is, it might stroke someone’s conscious to come forward and give us information we need to bring justice to Anthony," said Donaldson. 

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