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'Take this illness seriously. Practice safe distancing' | York County physician diagnosed with COVID-19, family under quarantine

"The immediate reaction was one of surprise," Dr. David Dafashy said. "It never dawned on us that COVID-19 arrived in the area."

YORK COUNTY, Va. — 13News Now spoke with York County physician David Dafashy, his wife Mariangela, exchange student from Italy and daughter Gaia Carollo, and 6-year-old daughter Elizabeth. 

David said on March 1, he and his family went to a dinner party. They then got a call from the Department of Health on March 11 indicating they had been in close contact with someone from James City County who tested positive for coronavirus.

The family immediately self-quarantined.  

"The immediate reaction was one of surprise," David said. "It never dawned on us that COVID-19 arrived in the area."

That’s when David started coming down with symptoms of a severe headache, body ache, a fever, and fatigue. He was tested on March 13, which came back positive for COVID-19. David said he notified to those who he had been around recently. 

Mariangela said she lost her sense of smell and taste, while Gaia said she started developing symptoms of a fever and body ache on March 17. 

Nobody but David has been diagnosed with coronavirus, but the entire family is in quarantine. He said his daughter was tested and they're waiting on those results. 

"Take this illness seriously," David said. "It's so important to practice safe distancing from folks to limit the spread the most." 

David said he and his family have been abiding by the Virginia Department of Health’s recommendation to stay away from people.

"We are being cautious and going beyond that quarantine date, but our quarantine should be over soon," David said.