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Virginia Beach neighbors call for more speed limit signs

As drivers continue to speed through neighborhoods, neighbors in Virginia Beach want more speed limit signs posted on Shore Drive to ensure safety.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Neighbors in Virginia Beach are calling for more speed limit signs to be posted on Shore Drive. 

They believe that if there are more signs, more people will drive the correct speed. 

Kathleen Crews said neighbors want change so that cars cutting through her neighborhood to Shore Drive will slow down.

"They do the cut-throughs, and this is the only one that comes all the way through from Northampton to Shore Drive,” said Crews. 

Neighbors want more speed limit signs on Shore Drive so people focus on slowing down before they turn into residential neighborhoods.

Pat Stubbs said her grandson likes to play outside, so she has her own signs up in front of her house, asking drivers to slow down.

"We put it there because there's a lot of children in the neighborhood and to make people realize that they need to slow down.” said Stubbs.

Stubbs said road signs might help Shore Drive become less dangerous in the long run.

"I know myself, I've almost gotten hit walking on the road and it'll just remind people to slow down. You're not going to get there speeding much faster, than if you go the speed limit,” said Stubbs.