For families on Spring Break, some think Virginia Beach is the perfect location.

“The beach has been beautiful. It’s been so nice because it’s been empty, so we’ve been able to just play and not be worried about all sorts of people,” said New Yorker Jessica Wright.

Wright said she and her family took advantage of the nice weather while they could, not letting any rain get in the way.

“We just did our activities a little bit earlier figuring that if it was going to rain this afternoon we’d have to be inside, but when it didn’t rain, we just came back out to play,” said Wright.

Erica Heinsman and her family came from Silver Spring, Maryland and visited Sandbridge for their Spring Break.  

“I kind of figured that this area knows what they’re doing when it comes to major weather situations and that if there was something really serious, they would tell tourists to go home,” said Heinsman.

Heinsman said the severe weather put a slight dent in their plans Friday, however, they still have several days left of their vacation.

“We didn’t go onto the beach at all just because with the wind it was a little too much than what I wanted to deal with and it’s just too cold,” said Heinsman.

While all vacations must come to an end, Mikey Rader said she’s not letting any rain get in the way of enjoying it.

“We’re leaving tomorrow so we wanted to get our last little beach time tonight so we’ll weather anything,” said Rader.