NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Fifty lives will be changed this week, after receiving much needed, life-saving eye surgeries for free.

The staff of Virginia Eye Consultants will be donating their time and efforts to help out through a campaign called “Looking Forward, Giving Back.”

The program is aimed at helping low income, under insured patients. They were chosen through nominations.

“Knowing that people want to help you and just want to make your life better and knowing that your life will be better after, it's an amazing feeling," said Amber Trimble, one of the patients

When Trimble was seven years old, an accident caused a pencil to be lodged in her eye. After years of struggling, she finally received the much needed surgery that will end her pain and struggles.

“It’s really more than a blessing,” said Trimble.

Some of the surgeries that will be performed would normally cost the patients thousands of dollars. The nominations for next year’s Looking Forward Giving Back will open again March of 2017.